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5 Easy Dorm Room Decorating Ideas

from realtor.ca

For most pursuing post-secondary education, living in a typical stark, utilitarian dorm room was almost a right of passage. Bulky, outdated furniture, boring walls and small, shared quarters are just some of the cringe-worthy cons. The good news? There are many easy, low-cost ways to jazz up your dorm.

Here are some ideas to create a personalized and stylish space that will help make your space feel like a home away from home.

Cover bare walls


collage of rooms with decal stickers on the walls
Image 1 via Melissa Merola on Flickr, Image 2 via Wicker Paradise on Flickr


Decal stickers are a quick and easy way to add life to your walls without damaging them, and when it comes time to move out, they can be easily removed. Decals have evolved so much over the years; there are many modern and chic options from basic shapes to large detailed images, so you’ll easily find something that brings out your personality. You can even mimic the look of wallpaper by placing your decals in a repetitive pattern.

Personalize your space


a gallery wall of photos hung on a wire
Via Ben Edwards on Flickr


Another fun option for covering your walls is to create a picture collage or gallery wall. Images of family and friends always help beat those homesick blues and can help create visual interest. Get creative by rearranging your pictures in unique patterns, like a heart or zigzag.

Use multifunctional pieces


a zebra striped ottoman
Photo via Pxhere


Dorm rooms tend to be extremely tight on space. Choosing multifunctional pieces – like an ottoman with built-in storage – is both practical and will help reduce clutter. You can kick your feet up, enjoy extra storage and, when your friends come over to visit, you will have additional seating for them, too. Likewise, a movable storage unit, such as a rolling cart, can be used as a mini pantry, beauty/toiletry storage, school supply organizer or even a nightstand.

Enhance the mood lighting


a dorm room with a string of lights hung along the window and wall
Photo by Dzenina Lukac from Pexels


Lighting is essential for studying, but it can also enhance your décor. For example, string lights or lanterns will add charm and the perfect ambience to your room. To achieve an urban vibe, try a trendy neon table light or a neon wall sign featuring your favourite word or quote. You can also mark your territory with a large marquee light of your initials.

Add the cozy factor


a cozy study area
Photo by Simon Rae on Unsplash


Some cozy accent décor will help make your dorm feel more like home. A fluffy area rug is often overlooked, but one big rug can really contribute to making your space look bigger and it will be more appealing to the eye than the current, usually drab flooring. In the long run, your feet will also thank you! Additionally, decorative pillows and warm blanket throws are must-haves, especially when getting through late-night study sessions during the winter.

You might also want to consider introducing plants, which can add beauty to your space and are said to help with concentration and productivity (bonus!). Instead of wasting floor space with a normal planter, try small hanging or wall planters.

How will you be decorating your dorm room this year? Please share your ideas in the comment section below.